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Trousers and jeans for tall women

For tall women and girls, finding well-fitting trousers and jeans is very difficult. Being taller than average can be quite problematic when purchasing trousers or jeans. That is why we have length sizes of trousers for your long legs in our range.
We have many different fashionable models of tall trousers for tall ladies. They range from cool skinny pants to dress pants.
Pants or jeans should never be too short unless you want 7/8 pants or culottes. The trousers and jeans in our range for tall women have a length of 36 or 38.
Being tall is beautiful when your clothes fit well. That is why we pay a lot of attention to the fit of our clothing and trousers. Extra long trousers, tall trousers, are then a requirement. You can combine the trousers with the tops and jackets from our online store, of course also in long sizes. This way you no longer have to worry about your clothes. Buying nice pants and jeans has never been easier.