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About Zip73 - - -

The Zip73 collections are designed in 's-Hertogenbosch by Ilja. The 73 stands for this beautiful Brabant city (073).

The ZIP stands for the zipper. The brand was founded in 2014, after Ilja's years of experience in women's trousers.
She wanted to create a collection that consisted of trendy pants with a good and high fit in beautiful qualities and that the customer could also buy in half sizes (inch sizes).
The 1st collection was a fact and quickly proved to be such a great success that customers wanted an extension with, among other things, a nice top / skirt / blazer, etc.
No sooner said than done! As a result, Zip73 is now a beautiful brand with much more than just good pants in an inch size... tops/dresses/jumpsuits and, above all, everything that is fun complements the collection.

Long sizes

The longwear collection is now together with Longlady composed. Together with Longlady The sizing for the taller woman has been determined and some key items are now also for sale for the taller woman.


Good craftsmanship is indispensable when making beautiful clothes...
An entire team of skilled people works at Zip73 to make every piece as beautiful as possible.
Handmade is also discussed, which is why every Zip73 article is crowned with a round metal that has a crown. These are applied by hand to each piece.

Quality / Sustainability

100% of our production takes place in Portugal and is produced sustainably.
We only work with beautiful qualities from Spain and Italy, which keeps the lines short within Europe. This ensures less transport and less pollution.
At Zip73, the qualities are selected with care and, in addition to the basic qualities, we also work with recycled quality.
In short: quality and sustainability are also paramount.

Ours was last spring ECOLINE by ZIP73 launched. This line consists of a number of stylish models made of a durable polyamide quality with the comfort of our trusted 'travel' quality! Supposedly: ECONYL.
This quality consists of 79% recycled fibers extracted from old fishing nets, tulle and carpet fluff. An initiative by Healthy Seas, among others, with the mission: Cleaning our waters against pollution.
Healthy Seas has a special educational program for school children and works with 170 volunteer divers and 620 fishermen. In 2019, they collected almost 58.000 kilos of old fishing nets. These materials used are brought together into a polyamide quality with a number of great properties such as UV protection of SPF50! This means: Does not sweat, does not discolour and is also quick-drying and does not pill. And it is a bi-stretch quality and therefore extra comfortable. Each item of clothing is provided with a special Econyl® license hang tag and the plastic packaging is of course also ecological.


Zip73 has its own signature and can therefore remain innovative. We are always working on innovation within the collections by not losing sight of what Zip73 stands for: hip with a sporty twist. Innovative and timeless are strangely on the same page. Innovative through the mix and match and timeless through the sustainability of each product.