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Welcome to our website especially for tall women!

Longlady designs especially for you

Longlady designs especially for you

The LongLady fashion tag

Tall women often have trouble finding well-fitting clothing that also meets the latest trends. I'm tall myself and had trouble finding clothes. In 2009, this led me to the initiative to devote myself completely to this shortcoming in the fashion world and I started preparing my own fashion label and the launch of the Longlady Fashion Company online store. This week I would like to tell you more about my own fashion label.

LongLady design for you!

When you shop for clothes you probably don't always think about it, but there is a whole process before you can hang your dream outfit in the closet. For each season I go behind the drawing board to shape the garments. By listening to the experiences of my customers, I can design clothing that completely meets the wishes. It starts with an idea. This idea is elaborated in a technical drawing.

Based on this, one of my pattern drafters makes a pattern. The garment being the prototype is made from the fabric selected by me. When this is done I will try it on myself to check the fit. The garment is also washed to determine how the fabric will hold up. After any changes and approval, all prototypes, fabrics and haberdashery are sent to my workshops in Europe. They also receive the patterns electronically and then they get to work neatly stitching the garments. As a result, the LongLady collection has become a fine example of customization!

Environmentally conscious production

Developments in the fashion industry are not standing still and we (fortunately) see more and more that fashion houses have produced their clothing in a more responsible manner and are more socially responsible. The same goes for LongLady! I would like to establish a responsible label and attach great importance to the health and well-being of both my customers and employees in the textile industry. I deliberately chose to have the clothing produced in Europe. This way I can guarantee the quality and I have better control over the materials used.

Long Lady Oeko-tex approved

A large part of the fabrics for the clothing come from Europe and are extensively tested. Oeko-tex (Ökotex) is originally a German organization that monitors the use of harmful substances. Oeko (Öko) stands for Eco and Tex stands for textile. So ecotextile!

A large part of the LongLady collection meets the "Oeko-tex standard 100" quality mark. The quality mark tests for the use of harmful substances in clothing. This is done throughout the entire production process. The quality mark gives you the guarantee that the clothing is not harmful to your skin and therefore also to your health.
For each product it is stated whether it is made of oekotex-approved fabric.

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