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Making trousers shorter, that's how you do it.

Making trousers shorter, that's how you do it.

This way you can take in your trousers without a sewing machine

Have you just bought a new pair of trousers but are they a bit too long? Yesssss that actually never happens to you. Let's face it, rather pants that are too long (because yes we can make them shorter !! ) than pants that are too short. So don't send back your too long pants and make them exactly to size.

Well, we all come in different shapes and sizes and our long legs are not all the same length of course. One tall woman has a leg length of 90 cm and the other, for example, 95 cm and someone else needs 93 cm. And we cannot produce trousers in 10 different lengths.

But don't worry, in this super easy way you can quickly take in your pants so that they fit perfectly. Not handy with a sewing machine? Even that's no problem. This way you can take your pants without a sewing machine.

All you need is a knife, pins, a tape measure or ruler, scissors, a pencil or piece of chalk, an iron and a hem tape (you can buy those for just two euros). So there is no need for a needle and thread, which makes a difference. It may sound difficult, but if you follow the steps calmly, you will succeed anyway.

Step 1
First of all, the original zoom must be removed. Use a seam ripper or other small, sharp blade to loosen the seam. You can also use scissors if necessary. Cut the thread until the hem of both trouser legs is completely loose.

Step 2

Put on the pants with the shoes you expect to pair with the pants most often. The length of the trouser leg depends on the type of shoes. Also do this with flat shoes, even those are slightly higher than when you are barefoot.

Step 3

Turn the bottom of the trouser legs in so that the trousers get the desired length. Secure the cover with pins. Walk a bit to check if the pants fit properly. Are you satisfied? Then take the pants off again and turn them inside out. Check with a tape measure or ruler that the turn up is the same on both pant legs. Is that the case? Then run the iron over the cover to create a crease.

Step 4

Now it's time to cut the fabric. Remove the pins and unfold the cover back to its original length. Use the pencil or crayon to draw a line three inches below the fold. Do this on both pant legs and cut along the line.

Step 5

Cut a piece of the hem tape and place it along the edge of the fold, around the leg. Make sure the hem tape is completely straight along the fold. Now fold the cover back so that the hem tape is between the leg and the cover.

Step 6

Now take the iron again and iron the cover. This ensures that the hem tape adheres to both layers of fabric. Keep the iron in the same place for a few seconds at a time. Continue doing this until the hem tape is secure throughout. Do this again on both pant legs, of course. Turn the pants right side out again and voilà, your pants are ready!

Are you not handy at all right now? There is a repair workshop in every village or city that can do that for you!

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