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Out of stock

Out of stock

I often get questions from customers when an item is completely or one size sold out.

Is it coming back in?
Unfortunately no, a sold-out item or a sold-out size will no longer be available.

The longlady The label is designed by myself and I buy everything that has to do with it, such as fabrics, haberdashery, etc. After approval of the prototype that suits me, everything is sent to the studio and made. An estimate is made of the numbers that will be sold, but the amount of fabric needed for the items must also be taken into account. Everything that is produced is added Longlady inside the warehouse and there is no stock of it anywhere else. So when it's over, it's over. We cannot have 1 size made.

We also have to deal with color difference. When a trouser suit is made, this must be done from 1 roll of fabric. Because just like with wallpaper you have to deal with color differences, because every color bath can turn out differently. So we make the blazer and matching pants from 1 roll of fabric. Now we can start using 2 rolls, but then the numbers will be too high again, which we will most likely not sell because longwear is still a niche product.

Clothing is also purchased, such as all jeans and the brands Aime, Only-M and more. Here an order must be written 9 months in advance. Only that is made and nothing is in stock at those suppliers either.

Unfortunately, in the World Fashion Center or other purchasing centers, for example, there is no 1 brand that sells longwear or has it in stock. So nothing can be bought there for tall women. 

The following also plays an important role: when new articles arrive, many ladies have doubts and order several sizes of that article. This always returns sizes and it can take up to 21 days before those sizes are returned. An order is on its way for a number of days and some customers only send something back after 14 days. 
That is really a thing for me but also for my clients. My advice is to consult the size chart to determine your size and not to order multiple sizes because this also ensures that items quickly become sold out but are available again weeks later. 

So keep an eye on the website, because your size may become available again!

I am busy planning production times more often so that it does not stop at only 2-4 deliveries per year and I can regularly offer something new.

The advantage of all this is of course that you buy something unique Longlady.


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Dear Long Lady, can you let me know when this article: Aime Blazer Nola Damast in size 40 is available again when it is returned. Kind regards, Ingrid Out

Ingrid Out

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