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Wide jeans completely on trend

Wide jeans completely on trend

The jeans trend that has been going on for a while now? The 90s jeans or wide leg jeans. With legs that flare from the buttocks, which makes them different from flared jeans, which often only become wider from the knee. It is a trend that is not suitable for everyone - so let it pass you by if it doesn't make you hot or cold. But do you see yourself walking in one? wide leg jeans? Then we are happy to help you with a dose of outfit inspiration.

What is the most important privilege in clothing? Comfort. Wide jeans are the most comfortable pants to wear in real life. They are no longer just for your boyfriend or rappers. The good news is that almost anyone can wear them, especially if you are tall, they look great! Personally, I like to wear wide jeans combined with feminine items, such as silky blouses, fitted blazers and high heels. In any case, keep reading to find out more.

With a simple t-shirt or turtleneck. That's all it takes to show off this look. 

That's how I prefer to wear them. With a blazer and pumps. Nice and cool combined with chic.


French class:
In combination with a frivolous blouse and a pair of pumps, the jeans suddenly look very romantic. You can easily give this look a boho vibe by swapping your pumps for western boots and completing the look with a vest. 

Roll up your pipes nicely, that's possible with the nice and long versions of longlady and wear a comfy sweater with it.  

Nice and casual:
You can emphasize the relaxed vibe of the jeans by combining them with a sweater and a pair of sneakers. To avoid completely hiding your figure, you can wear the sweater slightly tucked into your pants or even make it a cropped model. 



Wide leg jeans Longlady:

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