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Welcome to our website especially for tall women!

Collection: Women's jeans long lengths, tall jeans, length 36" and 38"

Jeans that are nice, that are long enough and stay nice long, of course you'll find them at Longladys. no. Extra-tall ladies are often difficult to find in a regular clothing store, the experienced Longlady. You too. Especially finding suitable business clothes for long women was a task. She was always disappointed in the boxes, and it was time to do something about it. That's why you're buying the best jeans in length 36 and 38 online at longlady. no

Length size 36 ladies jeans

Why do you always see tall women wearing boots? The reason is simple, they just can't find jeans that are long enough. Most jeans don't go beyond size 32 and 34. So you often come home disappointed after a shopping session. That disappointment Longlady wants to spare you so you can't buy jeans at Longlady's until you're 36-foot tall. This extra long female can be found in the familiar brands. Because we think it's important that you enjoy your favorite jeans for a long time.
At Longlady's, you'll find an extensive collection of extra-tall ladies. We think that tall ladies should also be able to buy stylish and trendy easily. Therefore a webshop full of clothes that meet the latest trends. Longlady even goes so far as to set up her own label. This label designs them and consists of both fine basics and stylish business clothes. We think it is important that we can offer a versatile collection so that there is a nice look for every style.

Will you pay a visit to our showroom?

Would you rather see your size 36 ladies in real life and fit in for a while? Then, of course, you are most welcome in ours showroom in Berkel and Rodenrijs. We will then provide you with personal fashion advice. Ordering online is quick and easy, and you will receive your package at home as soon as possible.