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Collection: LTB jeans for long legs

LTB Jeans, women's jeans for tall women, length size 36. You will find the largest selection at Longlady.

Longlady offers LTB women's jeans especially in length 36" for tall women and has the following models in its range:

Julita: Low waist and super skinny
Nicole: Normal waist and super skinny
Matisa: Regular waist and skinny
Arlin: High-waisted and skinny, mom fit
Molly: Low-waisted and semi-skinny
Molly HW: Regular waist and semi-skinny
Molly M: Regular waist and semi-skinny
Daisy: Regular waist and skinny
Zena: Normal waist and semi-skinny
Valerie: Low to regular waist and bootcut fit
Jonquil: Low to normal waist and straight fit
Aspen: Regular waist and straight fit
Fallon: Regular waist and flare fit
Mika: High waist and skinny fit, boyfriend fit

LTB Jeans has an eye for detail, and a great fit for everyone.

The LTB Jeans brand was launched in 1984 and has since grown into a true market leader in jeans. LTB Jeans is available in no less than 71 countries, in Europe alone LTB Jeans are sold in 2,500 stores. LTB owns shops, but is also sold in many department stores. LTB Jeans' mission is to deliver the best quality denim for an attractive price.

The LTB Jeans jeans in length 36 are characterized by a great fit, trendy denim washes and an eye for detail and finish. As a result, each jean has a unique character.